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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I am thrilled to be adding Aquanatal classes to my timetable in East Devon starting in the new year.

After having to wait for almost two years to complete my in water and theory based training (due to covid restrictions) I am so excited to finally be qualified to offer these classes which beautifully compliment my antenatal/ hypnobirthing services and bring together even more expecting parents as they build their local networks of support & friendships.

What is Aquanatal?

Aquanatal is water-based aerobics/ toning/ stretching & relaxation which supports fitness/ health and mental well-being during pregnancy.

The benefits of exercising in water during pregnancy

It is one of the most effective and safest forms of physical activity during the first / second and third trimesters as well as postnatally.

As the water is supporting most of your weight it is also doing the same for your joints as well as providing resistance work for all of the muscles.

It is important to be aware that your core is working hard as you maintain balance and control of the exercises which you are doing and that you will also be strengthening your back, both being key as your body changes as your baby develops.

You may feel as if you haven’t really worked out in the water either, however you will be surprised to feel a little achy in the days afterwards as you have enjoyed an all over body workout.

Specially designed and considered exercises

Are conducted in the swimming pool, the properties of the water enable participants to feel more relaxed and ensure less strain on the body as it is lighter in the water.

Resistance of the water allows weaker muscles to work more efficiently with less stress on the joints.

Holistic Approach tailored specifically for you

Certain exercises can be adapted and a holistic approach is always taken with explanations given so that you are able to understand which exercise you are doing/ the reasons and benefits behind them and how you might want to make them easier or slightly harder.

As we all have different physical and emotional feelings when pregnant, a quick chat at the start of each class will help me determine what kind of activities and pace to set for you and I always ensure that I am watching and giving you pointers that are appropriate for you each and every exercise and class.

There are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy

and evidence shows that exercising in the water throughout your pregnancy can help to reduce aches & pains/ swelling / improve blood flow & circulation / can help lower the risk of diabetes & blood pressure / increase stamina / maintain good posture & enable important ‘me time’ as you prioritise and allow for weekly sessions to become part of your routine.

Properties of the water

Did you know that water conducts heat more than air?

This means you’ll stay cool when working out - although I will always ensure you don’t get cold in the water with warm up exercises even in the stretch/ tone and cool down part of your class.

Water temperature of 29-30 celsius is ideal for pregnant aquanatal sessions - luckily our pool at Ladram Bay is a spot on 30 degrees.

The effect of buoyancy when exercising in the water provides ‘weightlessness’ which causes less stress on joints, especially pleasant and important when feeling really heavy in your third trimester.

The calming effects of water provide a lovely atmosphere and with the music, happy hormones and other mums in there with you making you feel good, this will quickly become your favourite thing to do :)

Feel good hormones

are released during exercise, as well as during labour ( we talk about this alot in hypnobirthing) these ‘happy hormones’ endorphins promote a sense of well-being as well as decreasing pain perception.

Regular exercise in your pregnancy will help to increase the levels of endorphins, so another great reason to try out aquanatal and see for yourself.

When / Where and How you can join

Our classes are held in various pools across East Devon but as a special end of year treat I am holding two *free taster sessions at the beautiful Ladram Bay pool.

These will be 45 minutes in the pool and you can either book on to an early evening class where we have exclusive hire for you and your husband / partner / birth partner basically whoever is your go-to support person during this special time in your life to join you in the pool for a lovely relaxing class.

Find out more here.

Or on Friday morning for our more aerobic based ‘mums only’ class, again at Ladram Bay.

Click here for more details on both and to book your spot now.

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