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Never has support and nurturing been more needed for pregnant and new mums than now.

As restrictions begin to ease that still doesn't take away from the hardships this past year has brought and being pregnant, giving birth, lost maternity leave and being mummy to your new baby during a Global Pandemic has certainly uncovered that the need for pre and postnatal support is stronger than ever.

Since 2014 this has always been the driving force of what I do and having a team of some of the most qualified and experienced well-being experts in Devon, ensures that what we deliver is the very best.

Feedback from mums over the past 6 months reinforces that this is perfect timing now that we are able to hold face-to-face groups whilst adhering to strict covid safety regulations for the Postnatal Pod to launch here in Exeter (and surrounding areas).

This course is perfect for anyone who has given birth in 2020/2021 and would like to meet and build friendships with other local mums, over a period of 6 weeks.

Places will be limited and do get booked up quickly so be sure to head to the Home Page and scroll down to 'Subscribe to my mailing list' so I can send you all the updated information first. 

If you have any questions regarding this course please feel free to message me or book a call for an informal chat.


Hosted by Rebecca Rees
& Qualified Midwife Lynn Goreing

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Sharing your birth story alongside peers/other mums (who have recently given birth too and can really identify with what and how you are feeling) can be so powerful.

By doing so, not only does this bond and bring us together in such a unique way but it is vital to continue to share, talk, educate, bond, nurture and support each other, so those of use with more challenging birth stories to share, also get to hear & feel empowered during our first session together.


(It goes without saying that there will be tea & cake provided during these weekly get-togethers)

As a qualified Nurse, Midwife and Specialist Community Health Nurse, Lynne is the perfect specialist to host our first session together.

Lynne’s knowledge, experience and superpower to listen & nurture ensures a comfortable and welcoming start to our 6 weeks together.

Lynne’s two children are now grown and flown the nest but she still remembers and appreciates the power of a birth story especially as she has herself experienced both a medicalised and ‘natural birth’.


Hosted by Laura Morgan-Knight
Founder of Mums Who Move

Photograph of Laura Morgan-Knight helping a woman who is exercising, her hand is on the woman's abdomen.
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In our second week, we welcome Women’s Fitness Coach Laura Morgan-Knight whose knowledge and years of experience (both professionally and as a parent to her two young children) means she is able to clearly explain the changes in our pregnant and postnatal bodies, giving you advice that you rarely get to hear these days.

This is relevant whatever type of birth you have had be that a physiological or abdominal birth.

This easy to understand breakdown of how your postnatal body has changed, what it (and you) have been through these past 9 months as you have grown your baby and how you can make slow, informed choices and changes to recover and get your body feeling strong over time in the right way for you.

What is covered in this session: We cover some of the following: 

  • pelvic floor

  • core restore and what this means

  • how to check your tummy gap and tension

  • functional movement

  • scar massage for abdominal/ cesarean section surgery

  • pain

  • prolapse

  • returning to exercise

  • postnatal running guidelines

  • postnatal Pilates

  • and how you’re doing as mum as you find your ‘new normal’

We feel that during these times it is important to discuss how postnatal appointments have changed with limited face-to-face contact and appointments still mainly being done online and how this impacts on the usual 6/8 Week check.


Hosted by Nikkie Huddart
Holistic Sleep Coach


Not getting enough sleep can be so detrimental to all family members so little tips & tricks to know right from the start, really can make the world of difference.

Holistic baby sleep coach and mummy to Lily, Ted and Sid, Nikkie Huddart joins us to hear more about what support she can give to you and your family at this time.


Discover valuable insights into knowing how to observe your baby’s sleep cues, asleep & awake windows, the importance of naps and feel empowered to look forward to bedtime as you slowly establish longer sleep times so both you & baby get the rest you need.

What is covered in this session:

  • Sleep & Awake times

  • Playtime

  • Naps & nap lengths

  • Should you wake a sleeping baby & if so when?

  • Bathtime

  • Bedtime

  • Sleep props/aids - white noise/ dummy etc

  • Consistency

  • Discussion and questions


As with all of our Postnatal Pod sessions, these are to encourage and empower you and the choices you make for you and your family. There is no right or wrong way, we are here to listen, share knowledge and tips so that you can choose whether to implement any suggestions which resonate with you.


Have you done a first aid course specifically aimed at parents?

The Postnatal Pod are thrilled to have Liz Watt of Mini First Aid Exeter & South Devon join us for our fourth session.
Liz, is a busy mum of 3 young boys, and is passionate to share her wealth of knowledge providing parents with first aid tips which will give you the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Mini First Aid’s Multi Award winning classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and Liz is happy to talk more about what is covered in her full course and what to expect once you have booked on to a Baby & Child First Aid class at a later date.

What is covered in this session:

  • An overview of Liz’s background, experiences and classes

  • Common Infant illnesses such as Coughs, Colds and Gastroentoritis

  • Understanding and knowing what to do about temperatures

  • Seasonal Awareness e.g. Best practice when the weather is very hot

  • Time for Questions

  • Overview of what to do if an infant is choking

This is not a Mini First Aid FULL course, however, if you would like to book onto one of Liz’s popular courses you will have the opportunity to find out more and when/how to book.


Hosted by Lauren Elliott Vincent
Founder of Elliott Counselling

Photograph of Lauren Elliott Vincent
Dark blue logo for Lauren Elliott Vincent Counselling underneath it says empowerment and counselling

Meeting the needs of mums with new babies is a massive focus of the Postnatal Pod course and in our penultimate session Lauren Elliott Vincent BA Hons MBACP joins us.
Having formed stronger friendships as a group over the past 5 weeks, now having the opportunity to chat about shared experiences and how life has changed for you since welcoming your baby during these covid times is a lovely conclusion to our time together.

Lauren is an Exeter based therapist who runs her own successful private practice, facilitates recovery groups, solo parents and specialises in therapy for trauma, abuse, relationships and parenting.

Psycho-education is a big passion of Lauren’s as she believes that knowing yourself and understanding your thoughts and feelings is a huge part of enabling change and moving into an authentic space.

Our mental health and well-being is paramount in all that we do, this can be overlooked daily as we have so many stressors in today’s world.

"I have a passion and dedication to empower, assist and equip clients to have healthy relationships not only with others but with themselves."

Lauren prides herself on her modern approach to mental health counselling that relates to today's society and also feels truest to herself.


Our final session is with Ruth, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 12 years experience in the NHS and mummy to two children aged 5 and 7.

It was Ruth’s own journey into motherhood that inspired her to set up her business Pod & Pea Nutrition to enable parents to access unbiased, evidence based nutrition advice for themselves and their children.

Ruth’s workshops in The Baby Room, Exeter consistently sell out as mums endeavour to find out more information ahead of weaning their little ones.

We will chat about this a little more in this session and Ruth will of course answer any questions you may have.

However, as always with our weekly Postnatal Pod meet-ups, the focus is on you and your needs as mummy to your baby so we will cover healthy food options and quick/simple ways to boost your energy.


Some suggestions and knowledge to gain more understanding of beneficial food groups and how to easily incorporate this into your every-day.


And top tips for quick meals and healthy snacks to balance up all those treats that let's face it - you really do deserve :)

Join Us

Throughout the Postnatal Pod course, mums get to know each other as a group and individually over a period of time. They support, empathise and encourage because they are all going through similar things.

Having a new baby can be tough and this is when you need your village around you.

Equally, it is just as important and special to celebrate and cheer on the triumphs.

And with new found friendships developed and fantastic information each week from the experts who join us - this is time for you, to keep moving confidently forward in your journey of motherhood.