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Our safe & effective water-based sessions help boost your mental well-being as exercise helps to improve any anxiety or depression you may be feeling by releasing the feel-good hormones - endorphins & oxytocin. 

Even when you are feeling great, getting in the pool, taking the ‘weight off’ and spending time with other local parents (to-be) will ensure this is one of your favourite antenatal classes.

You will gain access to our online community group where you are able to ask questions / get early bird tickets to workshops with ‘in-the-baby-business’ specialists / join in-person get-togethers and feel empowered & supported from pregnancy and beyond. 

Pregnant woman in navy blue swimsuit by swimming pool for aquanatal class
Pregnant woman in white dressing gown by swimming pool for aquanatal class

Not forgetting all of the physical benefits for both you and your baby that our classes give you.

Here is a small selection of my favourites:

  • Feel confident that your joints are protected as the water cushions you 

  • Enjoy taking the weight off your bump & body

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Improves posture & helps to relieve backache & pelvic pain

  • Helps prepare for labour (learn hypnobirthing techniques) 

  • Improves physical & mental well-being as well as better sleep

  • Relieves tension 

  • Releases the feel good hormones that you will want on the big day 

  • Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia & gestational diabetes

  • Fun/enjoyable and safe classes where you will meet other local expecting parents

For more information head on over to our FAQ’s section of the website.

Not a fan of the water? 

We also offer a variety of land-based classes and courses too. Have a look around our website to discover more about our ‘bumps & babies’ coffee meet-ups in Exmouth & Exeter and our Postnatal Pod for when baby has arrived.